Last weekend I and five of my coworkers pulled four shifts in three and a half days at a warehouse just south of Louisville, Ky.

Needless to say, on the final drive back to southwestern Ohio, conversation briefly revolved around the Fiscal Cliff. I think because one of my coworkers with a fancy do-it-all smrt phone alerted us that the House turned down the initial Senate-passed bill.

Another piped up over the brief conversation about something to the effect of how the rich need to pay their fair share.

So Will, I said, how much is fair?

The same as the rest of us, he replied.

But which rest of us? The bottom fifty percent don’t pay anything! I shot back. Should the rich continue to pay the bulk of the tax bill so the rest of us can not only not pay anything, but also receive a check in the mail with free money? [That second part I wish I had said, but didn’t think of it till a few hours later].

To ad to the infinitum of the cliché the issue is not wholly about how much in taxes Washington receives but how much Washington spends. We have the exact opposite problem as that of the 1780’s and -90’s. There is no other word for what Washington has done in the last one hundred years since the Federal Reserve Act was passed other than despicable. They’ve destroyed the money supply and are in the process of enslaving us entirely via “paying our fair share of taxes”.

Will Atlas ever shrug or is Ayn Rand both a false prophet and a horrible writer?