The President executed an Executive Order.

The House passed legislation to block it.

It won’t pass the Senate, but nevertheless..

The President is threatening a veto if it passes both Houses.

So, The President usurped the powers of the Legislative branch of government by writing an order.  The Legislative branch, using its constitutional power, wrote legislation to block it.  The President threatens a veto of a legally written law that negates the establishment of an illegal executive order.

Isn’t this by definition an oxymoron?  Isn’t the President randomly jumping in and out of Constitutional law by using the power given him by the Constitution (veto) to negate the power given to the Legislature, which blocks an illegal document that he originally ordered?  Is it possible to use Constitutional authority to protect an order that’s not legal?

In pure theoretical conjecture, doesn’t that make the people (God forbid) free from law?