Why Is Trump Waiting


until September to potentially threaten a government shutdown when he could have done so at the end of April?

The Continuing Resolution to fund the Government would have run out last week had Congress not passed a Joint Resolution to spend, spend, spend through September.

That a J.R. and a Bill are essentially interchangeable, the obvious question begging an answer is: Why did Trump not veto the damned thing? Almost nothing he has wished for was included in the Bill, so why not veto?

Perhaps Trump is right in that the procedural rules to invoke cloture on a filibuster need to be changed. But I think it is more than just a rule change, or electing more Republicans. I think there is more to it than simply draining a swamp. I think the problem goes further than lawyers and lobbyists writing legisation.

I think the entire system is in cardiac arrest. And I don’t think the general American population would understand the freedoms and necessary sacrifices of the early Federalist period.

Where’s the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for that?


How About Some Humor?

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I thought a good way to get the blog going again would be to begin with the video below.

Wake Me When It’s Over


With the Republicrat presidential candidates already having participated in two debates, I am one voter ready for the circus charade to be over. A number of issues with the candidates alarm me. Here are two:

  1. Mitt Romney. Catch the New Hampshire debate? With the amount of time he was allowed to answer questions, and the manner in which the moderator used him as the default candidate for the final say on any particular issue, Mitt is certainly the front runner and is almost guaranteed the Republican nomination. Unfortunately, he left Massachusetts with a state-run health care system, which Obama essentially copied.
  2. Sarah Palin 2.o aka Michele Bachmann. Her speech at the Republican Leadership conference was scary. Full of platitudes, Populist verbage, empty slogans and screaming. I was quickly reminded of Ursula the Sea Witch’s line to Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid: “No one likes a woman who talks too much.” Her candidacy is fundamentally flawed just as much as the other Republican War Hawks: they preach about cutting taxes and red tape as a means to jump start the economy, but have no problem with the Federal Reserve system or advocating endless foreign wars. The latter inevitably leads to the former. I’m also not surprised she’s an underhanded Zionist. The only positive thing about Bachmann is she’s preventing Palin from running. Either way, until the Draft is repealed or women’s citizenship is also made contingent upon them being possibly forced into Indentured Military Servitude, no woman should be allowed to run for the presidency.

Oh, don’t expect Bachmann to support Constitutional principles either, no matter how much she screams about fighting ObamneyCare.