Why Is Trump Waiting


until September to potentially threaten a government shutdown when he could have done so at the end of April?

The Continuing Resolution to fund the Government would have run out last week had Congress not passed a Joint Resolution to spend, spend, spend through September.

That a J.R. and a Bill are essentially interchangeable, the obvious question begging an answer is: Why did Trump not veto the damned thing? Almost nothing he has wished for was included in the Bill, so why not veto?

Perhaps Trump is right in that the procedural rules to invoke cloture on a filibuster need to be changed. But I think it is more than just a rule change, or electing more Republicans. I think there is more to it than simply draining a swamp. I think the problem goes further than lawyers and lobbyists writing legisation.

I think the entire system is in cardiac arrest. And I don’t think the general American population would understand the freedoms and necessary sacrifices of the early Federalist period.

Where’s the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for that?


Book Review


The American Dollar today holds less than 5% of its 1913 value.

Ron Paul’s End the Fed is a timely book discussing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the mess it has created of the American economy during the Fed’s first century of operation. Paul is well known for wishing to return to the Gold Standard wherein money holds its value over time, something of which our paper-based fiat system is incapable.

Ergo, the Gold Standard is probably the best system known, as it has proven itself to work during the course of human history. However, there are still two problems which have the tendency to hamper any monetary system, which Paul stubbornly assumes cannot happen with the Gold Standard.

First, debasing the currency is still possible and governments will do so usually to wage war.  Though I do think Paul has a valid point in saying the United States’ entire foreign policy would have to be  severely reigned in should a Gold system be implemented. Second, governments can and do run up debt no matter the monetary system. England’s James 1 and 16th/17th century Spain are ready examples. The former led to new and inventive means of taxation; the latter saw Spain declare bankruptcy in 1557, -60, -75, -96, 1607, -27, -47, -52, -60, and -62. This even after Spain wholly emptied Latin America of its silver deposits in order to satisfy the monarchy’s gluttony towards spending.

Therefore, no matter what system is in place, power corrupts. Even more so and ever more quickly when an increasingly entrenched aristocracy rules supreme with either immorality or amorality as their guide. To this Paul says nothing, which is standard-op for any true Libertarian.

These are two minor objections I had towards a book which enlightens the average reader towards the abuses of the Federal Reserve System’s un-Constitutional power in its ability to “coin” money out of thin air and the consequences of such action. The coining of money is an enumerated power granted specifically to the Congress and so on this fact alone, the Fed should be abolished.

Let’s Finally End Our Participation In The U.N.


Enlightening, intriguing and ultimately maddening.

If any doubt was left, that article exposes one more dirty secret of the United Nations. Congress was right to deny U.S. participation in the League of Nations and it should have done the same towards the U.N. Power corrupts absolutely – there is no sadder thing to see than an organization which trumpeted the loftiest of then-modern Westernized idealism dishevel itself into a morass of human filth, disparity and tyrannical treatment of people by its participating members. But what should we have expected when we let in non-Western cultures?

While U.S. dues as of 2005 were in arrears, I propose simply quitting the U.N. Rid NYC, NYS and the rest of the country of the organization and use the money instead to begin paying down the national debt.; cutting earmarks and token spending isn’t going to absolve our debt single-handedly.

I’d rather Congress, after axing the U.N, move to break the backbone of the Military-Industrial complex, cut the Armed Forces in half – necessitating ending our presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, recall all [unnecessary] foreign diplomats, immediately halt the purchasing of oil from OPEC and open the Strategic Reserve while drilling our own oil and building new refineries. That would be a good start in cutting the deficit.